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Thread: Would u guys help me?

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    Would u guys help me?

    i play on this site alot and need refferals could you sign up at this link and go on the site for 5-20 minutes for me ?

    Link Removed - No Unapproved Advertising Permitted

    id really appreciate it

    Last edited by Marshy; 12th March 2012 at 10:55 AM. Reason: He told me to add it.

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    Re: Would u guys help me?

    Apologies, but we do not allow advertising on the forums that has not been pre-approved by a member of the management team and is not from an official partner or sponsor.

    EDIT - Also, given that you joined today, I question your "playing with us alot" credential.

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    Re: Would u guys help me?

    "I play on this site alot"

    Looooooooool fuck off!

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    Re: Would u guys help me?

    Yeah i know this guy play "games" with him all the time on here...

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